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Assessment of the interaction between Magnetite nanoparticles and some drugs using Laser spectroscopic techniques

 By: Wesam Ahmed Tawfik, Medical applications of laser department, the national institute of laser enhanced sciences (NILES), Cairo University.


Magnetite fluid, which is a colloidal suspension of magnetic material in a liquid medium, is an example of a preparation that responds to an external magnetic field. The use of magnetite as a drug transport system, either for diagnosis or therapy, is a method that is being studied around the world. The interaction between the magnetite and a magnetic field makes it ideal for targeting in terms of drug delivery because its movement can be controlled. It is possible to attach drugs to the surface of the magnetic particles and use magnetic fields to hold the drug at the site where it is needed. There are two major steps in synthesizing magnetite. The first is to make the magnetic particles that will be dispersed in the colloidal suspension. These particles must be chemically stable in the liquid carrier. The second synthetic step is the dispersion of the magnetic particles into a carrier liquid by utilizing a surfactant to create a colloidal suspension. The convenient coating of metal oxide cores of the magnetite ferrophase results in the protection against metal oxidization within the carrier fluid as well as in the biocompatibility improvement in case of bio-medical uses. Typically, the intended drug and the magnetite are formulated into a pharmacologically stable formulation. There is a fact that drugs such as antibiotics, thrombolytic agents, and others can be bound reversibly to the magnetite particles. This will present an approach to perform binding between magnetite particles and other Drugs, studying the effect of this binding on the properties of these drugs and studying the biological impact of this conjugation.

The aim of work:

Is to evaluate the efficiency of interaction between Magnetite nanoparticles and some drugs using suitable

spectroscopic techniques to insure their stability for medical applications . This aim will be achieved by molecular structure elucidation of the prepared adducts between some drugs and magnetite using elementary analysis and spectroscopic analysis.



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